About Paramax

Paramax is a leading technology provider of Incentive Management Solutions used in loyalty, incentive, recognition, and awards programs. We provide point-based programs including robust awards catalogs for employees, sales teams, and customers. Our clients include over 150 Global companies based in the U.S., Canada, England, Mexico and Australia.

Our premier software product, AchievaSUITE, was first introduced to the incentive industry in 2000 and has handled over 1000 programs almost exclusively for incentive companies and awards providers. Standard program types include recognition, service, wellness, safety, performance improvement, consumer and channel rewards. Support engines provide email communications, surveys, quizzes, and an on board awards catalog. The software is available for source code licensing and as a hosted, managed solution on a per program basis. Our latest offering is the culmination of 12 years' experience and hundreds of customizations and improvements developed for real world applications. From large programs with hundreds of thousands of users and millions of daily records directly connected with client systems, to simple self-service recognition solutions, AchievaSUITE has seen it all.

THE AWARDS MARKETPLACE is a specialized redemption platform that offers a complete range of integrated reward options including millions of merchandise items, certificates, gift cards and travel.