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What is Achieva and The Awards Marketplace?
Achieva and The Awards Marketplace are a flexible, points-based online award engine and catalog that translate participant points into an incredible variety of merchandise from well-known retailers, gift cards, downloadable music credits and many other options.

For participants, how does Achieva and The Award Marketplace work?
You choose the redemption options that will delight them the most, and we tailor The Marketplace to showcase them. They can log in to track their award points, browse The Marketplace, daydream and eventually redeem. In as little as two days, your company can have your own online portal ready for your employees, retail sales force or customers. Contact Us for more information.

How do participants receive their rewards?
Redeeming points online is fast and easy for your participants. Online credits can be fulfilled almost instantly by email, and we usually ship merchandise awards within 48 hours so your participants can enjoy them sooner.

Why do I need Achieva and The Awards Marketplace?
Awards are a proven way to build positive relationships with employees and customers. But inflexible award choices, slow fulfillment and steep administration costs can turn your program into an expensive disappointment for everyone. The Marketplace’s fast, flexible awards engine helps you avoid these pitfalls at a very competitive price.

What’s different about The Awards Marketplace?
Our brand partners make all the difference. Because we offer merchandise through top retailers like Sears, KMart, Craftsman, Kenmore, Amazon.com gift cards and other well-known names, we have the product depth to offer awards that appeal to any audience. Plus our program flexibility and fast reporting make administration a breeze.

How does Achieva and The Awards Marketplace keep participants engaged?
The Marketplace’s merchandise choices are always growing and evolving. It's dynamic, so your program participants will have a reason to browse the site again and again. They’ll be more excited about redeeming points for awards, and feel more appreciated for what they do to earn those points – so everyone wins.

What about reporting and administration?
You’ll see the success of your program in real-time through standard reporting that tracks what you need to know. And because we handle the customer support, administration and fulfillment of the entire program, you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you prefer – and always at a very competitive price.

How can I get started?
Getting started with Achieva and The Marketplace is as easy as using it. Simply contact us now and we’ll share a full interactive demonstration at your convenience. Your program can be live in as little as two days.